Photo impressions of field work on the FRAGILE project

A personal photo report from Maarten Loonen
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The dry site on 8 June 2005

8 June 2005
Late snow melt

There is much more snow in this sesaon. The dry site is already free of snow (to the left), but the wet site is still covered with more than a meter snow. You can see the poles sticking out of the snow.
The wet site on 8 June 2005
Measuring in plots with a ambient temperature treatment Res is already measuring thye survival of individual plants, while Terra makes notes. To the left it is a plot with ambient temperature. To the right, the plot has enhanced temperature thanks to the open top chambers. This requires more atletics. Measuring in open top chambers, used to elevate temperature
The site has an impressive infrastructure The site has an impressive infrastucture. All plots are surrounded by board walks, so we don't trample the tundra vegetation to much. The open top chambers give the site an appearance of a village.

After some hours measuring, it is good to take a break in the hut.
A tea break in the small hut

Meeting of the FRAGILE team at UNIS

21 June 2005
Geese arrive at the site

Every morning at 9 o'clock, the fragile team meets in UNIS to discuss the progress (left). The snow has melted a lot at the wet site and measurements have started (right).

Maarten has caught six geese in Ny-Alesund and has flown them to Longyearbyen. Dries and Res are installing the cages. On the bottom left picture you can see a herd of reindeer which is frequently visiting the site.
The snow has melted a lot at the wet site and measurements have started
Dries and Res carrying a cage past a herd of reindeer The cages get a closed roof to prevent the geese from flying upward The geese are released in the cage

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