Selected recent publications: (full list)
  • De Jong, M, R. Wetherbee & M.J.J.E. Loonen (2019) Effects of fleas on nest success of Arctic Barnacle geese: experimentally testing the mechanism. Journal of Avian Biology e01944: 1-14 doi: 10.1111/jav.01944 download
  • Layton-Matthews, K., M.J.J.E. Loonen, B.B. Hansen, C.F.D. Coste, B.-E. Sæther, V. Grøtan (2019) Density-dependent population dynamics of a high Arctic capital breeder, the barnacle goose. Journal of Animal Ecology 88:1191-1201 download
  • Hitchcock, D.J., T. Andersen, Ø. Varpe, M.J.J.E. Loonen, N.A. Warner, D. Herzke, I.M. Tombre, L.R. Griffin, P. Shimmings & K. Borgå (2019) Potential effect of migration strategy on pollutant occurrence in eggs of arctic breeding barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis). Environ. Sci. Technol. DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.900014 download
  • Tiusanen, M., T. Huotari, P.D. Hebert, T. Andersson, A. Asmus, J. Bêty, E. Davis, J.Gale, B. Hardwick, D. Hik, C. Körner, R. Lanctot, M.J.J.E. Loonen, R. Partanen, K. Reischke, S.T. Saalfeld, F. Senez-Gagnon, P. Smith, J. Šulavík, I. Syvänperä, C. Urbanowicz, S. Williams, P. Woodard, Y. Zaika23 & T. Roslin (2019). Flower-visitor communities of an arcto-alpine plant — Global patterns in species richness, phylogenetic diversity and ecological functioning. Molecular ecology 28: 318–335. download
  • Scheiber, I.B.R., B.M. Weiß, M.E. de Jong, A. Braun, N.W. van den Brink, M.J.J.E. Loonen, E. Millesi & J. Komdeur (2018). Stress behaviour and physiology of developing Arctic barnacle goslings (Branta leucopsis) is affected by legacy trace contaminants. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences, 285: 20181866. doi:10.1098/rspb.2018.1866. download
  • Hayashi, K., Y. Tanabe, K. Ono, M.J.J.E. Loonen, M. Asano, H. Fujitani, T. Tokida, M. Uchida & M. Hayatsu (2018) Seabird-affected taluses are denitrification hotspots and potential N2O emitters in the High Arctic. Nature Scientific Reports 8 (1): 17261. download
  • van den Brink, N. W., I.B. Scheiber, M.E. de Jong, A. Braun, A. Arini, N. Basu, H. van den Berg, J. Komdeur & M.J.J.E. Loonen (2018) Mercury neurochemical response in Arctic barnacle goslings (Branta leucopsis). Science of the Total Environment 624: 1052-1058. download

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